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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to wash my hair if I am getting it colored?

That is not necessary unless you have excessive amounts of hair product in it, or if it is more than 3 days dirty. This build up acts as a shield on the hair and the color may not penetrate as it is intended to.

Do I have to wash my hair if I am getting it cut?

No. I will properly shampoo your hair to remove any build up and to have a fresh canvas to work with.

Can you make my hair light blonde in one process?

More than likely, the answer will be no. Depending on your current hair color, length,  condition, integrity and your budget, this will vary per person. For most people, multiple visits are required to achieve your goal and more importantly, to protect the integrity of your hair.

What is the difference between a DevaCut and a Curly Cut?

The signature DevaCurl cut adds layers and shape to curly hair. I recommend this cut for people with medium to long hair. This service is done curl by curl on dry, unbrushed hair, in it's natural state, without the use of a comb. Hair will be properly cleansed, conditioned, and styled using DevaCurl products only.

My Curly Cut is pretty similar in the aspect of cutting the hair dry, in it's natural state without the use of a comb. I have been using my own technique for a while, not a trademarked technique like DevaCurl’s, to customize your curls to your specific shape and style. Your hair will be shampooed, conditioned and diffused afterwards.

How do I prepare for a DevaCut or a Curly Cut?

Shampoo and set your hair like usual with zero to minimum hair product at least 1 day before your appointment. Do not brush, comb, braid, or put your hair in a tight ponytail during this time. I need to see how your hair naturally behaves in order to give you the best curly cut.

Booking Appointments

Why do I have to book on Square Appointments?

As an independent hairstylist, this is my personal booking system. It is my personal digital organizer. My schedule, services, and prices are conveniently listed to make it easy for you to book.

Can I just call Salon by JC and book with you?

I work by appointment only so I am not always at the salon. The salon does not keep a record of my schedule and cannot book your appointment. You must go through my Square Up page and book from there.

I do not feel comfortable booking online. Is there another way?

Booking online is the preferred option but you can email me at or send me a message by going to the “Contact Me” link and filling out the contact form.

Do you charge a cancellation fee or a no-show fee?

Yes. If you cancel at least twenty four hours before your scheduled appointment, you will not be charged. Late cancellations will be charged 25% of the scheduled service price. No-shows will be charged 50% of the scheduled service price.

Why do you charge a fee if I cancel?

Canceling last minute, or not showing for a scheduled appointment, creates scheduling issues for both me and for clients and is still a cost for me. As I work independently and by appointment only, it is not ideal. Twenty four hour notice allows me to book a time slot with another client.

Other Questions

What form of payment do you accept?

I accept all credit cards, cash and checks.

Do you offer giftcards?

Yes. You can purchase digital giftcards here:

Do you retail products for sale?

I can recommend outlets where you can purchase the products that I use on your hair.

You can conveniently schedule your appointment online on Square.

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